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Event organisation with blockchain

bbv developed an innovative software solution for event orchestration together with Event Token AG with benefits for organisers and end customers. It can be uses as a blockchain-based digital wallet, as an admission ticket and for on-site communication.

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The start-up event token offers event organisers a solution for ticketing and employee organisation, including their own festival currency. Using the blockchain application developed by bbv, organisers can now orchestrate their events from a web-based dashboard – from widget configuration to billing. The Event Token mobile app provides visitors with access to open-air events, festivals or concerts. They can also top up credit in their own “currency” – so-called tokens – and also pay with it straight away.

Greater security and transparency

Event Token enables event organisers to control the processes associated with the event more effectively. The application allows increased transparency about their own payment system, ticketing, on-site communication and community engagement.

The blockchain-based mobile app serves as a direct communications interface between event organisers, employees, sub-contractors, sponsors and visitors. True to Event Token’s motto “Cut out the middleman”, this allows direct insights into the processes. For example, event organisers can control the transferability of the tickets and prevent them from being traded on the black market.


Cryptocurrency for events

When bbv was developing the app (available for iOS and Android), Event Token placed particular emphasis on a forward-looking, modular and scalable solution architecture with blockchain technology. Among other things, this means that event-specific cryptocurrencies can be created but cannot be traded freely.

Rather, blockchain is used in the app as a data structure, which event visitors can use for topping up and paying with the tokens. The tokens are linked with the respective national currency. Providers can therefore keep an eye on financial transactions at their events at all times.


“While obstacles are inevitable with any fledgling technology, bbv showed us how to quickly overcome these and find solutions.”

Nicolas Purpura, Founder and CEO Event Token AG

The Event Token app is a two-tier product. The first tier provides access to Event Token itself, where users can register and therefore get access to all events and functions hosted via Event Token. When the user selects the desired event, they can download the event widget, which contains the event organiser’s event-specific solution.
This event widget forms the second tier. Specifically, it involves various modules that can be configured by the event organiser via a dashboard. Event Token has meanwhile been used successfully at various events, including HeroFest at Bernexpo or Sonic #29 Fantasy Edition in Solothurn.

Project insights

  • Innovative solution: The blockchain-based app offers event organisers all services from a single source and additional attractive features. Event organisers can configure various modules on the app – such as a cashless function, ticketing, communication features, admission control, sponsor lead generation, gamification and more.
  • Expertise: Thanks to the expert consultancy and close collaboration with bbv Vietnam, decisions could be made quickly.
  • Agile working: The new app was developed in no time owing to the agile, iterative approach and can be expanded continually to include further requirements.
  • Time savings: The project manager and product owner at Event Token had a direct contact at bbv in Vietnam. This enabled the requirements for the new solution to be captured efficiently and any challenges to be identified and addressed early on.

Our services in the project

The PDF version of the Event Token Success Story can be found here.


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