Innovative web solution visualises symptoms

bbv developed a web solution for the start-up Klenico that visualises psychological complaints and supports specialists in diagnosing illnesses and adapting therapies accordingly.

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Klenico Diagnosesoftware

Swiss start-up Klenico has developed a solution to support specialists in diagnosing psychologically distressed patients. bbv implemented the web-based solution for Klenico and provided methodical support for the company. The software system developed by bbv has been a certified medical product since 2019 and is already being used in various hospitals in Switzerland and Germany.

It supports physicians and therapists in diagnosing and treating psychologically distressed patients by providing visual findings that provide insights at a glance. The solution therefore saves valuable time and involves the people being treated.

Software solution with optimised user experience

The innovative aspect of this medical product lies not only in the structured and precise recording of mental illnesses, but above all in visualising symptoms in so-called symptom maps. bbv contributed its expertise in UX topics to the development to ensure that the software system can be used as intuitively as possible.

The new web solution allows symptoms to be recorded precisely and efficiently through self-disclosure. Patients are guided adaptively through a series of questions, where they can click on appropriate first-person statements. The results are then checked and supplemented by a specialist (e.g. a psychiatrist).

The symptoms are visualised on a standardised symptom map including all problem areas. This supports diagnosis and makes it easier to prevent diagnostic errors and unnecessary treatments.

With its range of functions and ease of use, the final solution fulfilled the requirements and needs of the customer precisely. The development resulted in a collaboration in which bbv maintains the product and enhances it for new target customers.


Klenico diagnostic software
Picture: The web solution displays the symptoms of patients with mental illnesses on a symptom map.

“Thanks to bbv we were able to continually refine our idea and develop a certified medical product in the shortest possible time, which is very popular with our customers.”

Hannes Bitto, Head Product Development, Klenico AG

Project insights

  • Strategic approach: bbv developed a minimal viable product (MVP) for Klenico in the first step, which served as the basis for searching for investors and potential buyers. bbv then developed the software according to the ISO 13485 standard, which guarantees the highest quality standards for medical products.
  • Efficiency: Klenico was supported from initial idea to market-ready product, which is now being used by numerous customers. The original aims were refined continually during the collaboration with the result that the solution fulfils the customer’s requirements precisely.
  • Innovation: The web solution provides specialists with a meaningful diagnosis of psychological disorders, enabling them to tailor the appropriate therapy accordingly. Disorders and comorbidities that are not immediately visible also become apparent.
  • Expertise: Development based on the ISO 13485 process enabled fast and smooth CE certification. This provided the basis for the health insurance companies to absorb the costs of the application.

Our services in the project

The PDF version of the Klenico Success Story can be found here.


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