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More digital services for enhanced customer loyalty: With Komax Connect, customers now have online insight into the productivity of their Komax machines. bbv supported Komax in developing its cloud platform – from connecting its machines to visualising the data.

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Komax IoT

As a pioneer and market leader in automated wire processing, Komax Holding AG provides its customers with sustainable solutions in all areas where precise contact connections are required.

Based in Dierikon in Switzerland and active in more than 60 countries, the company manufactures series machines and customised systems for all levels of automation and individualisation for various industries. Quality assurance modules, test equipment and intelligent networking solutions complete the portfolio and ensure safe and efficient production.

Komax Connect: Digital service for higher productivity

Komax Connect is a digital solution launched by Komax Holding AG, which allows production data from machines to be processed in real time and visualised with clear graphics. Users therefore know the productivity of their systems at a glance and, for example, can compare the production volume and quality across different locations and Komax machines.

bbv was responsible for developing this new cloud platform – from connecting the machines to visualising the data. The IoT architecture is based on Microsoft Azure. In a first step, the data is read out from the wire processing machines, pre-processed and bundled via Azure IoT Edge Gateways. The data is then forwarded to the Komax cloud, where it is displayed using the visualizer – both on the desktop and on the smartphone.

Thanks to the clearly laid out display, end users have maximum transparency when it comes to the productivity of their machines.

Komax digital services

The fact that the machine data does not reach the cloud directly, rather via IoT Edge Gateways, offers two main advantages. Data transmission to the cloud requires less bandwidth, which speeds up performance and optimises costs. In addition, the gateways act as a firewall and protect the data from external cyber attacks.

“bbv got our IoT solution off the ground very quickly. The vast expertise from networking of machines to evaluation in the cloud was impressive.”

Tobias Rölz, Executive Vice President, Komax Holding AG

Basis for further services

In the past, different data had to be collected and evaluated individually for each machine in order to determine their productivity. With Komax Connect, end users now have an innovative cloud solution that gives them round-the-clock access in real time to all machine data – displayed simply and clearly.

This means that Komax customers can check the availability of their machines at a glance and see the current status of orders, including consumption and quality across entire production facilities. Statistics give them an insight into the productivity of the machines, which means that unplanned downtimes are quickly noticed.

Komax IoT

The cooperation with bbv has stood the test for Komax. The bbv experts were able to contribute their many years of know-how to the development of the solution – from the networking of the machines to the processing of the data in the cloud to the display in an attractive web front end.

In addition, bbv coordinated the further development of the wire processing machines with the Komax development team. Komax Connect opens up new doors to the future, allowing Komax to continually offer further new digital solutions.

Project insights

  • Everything at a glance: Whether via smartphone or desktop: Komax customers see all relevant information on the productivity of their different wire processing machines – regardless of location.
  • Latest technologies: The consistent use of cloud technologies reduced the development effort significantly. New services can be added flexibly and quickly. In addition, security is assured by the Azure IoT Edge Gateways.
  • Innovation: The IoT solution allows Komax customers to be offered new digital services, which strengthens customer loyalty. The solution represents an important milestone for Komax on the path to Industry 4.0.
  • Security: As a machine manufacturer, Komax relies on maximum security when handling data. That is why bbv used Ubuntu Core as the operating system for the gateways, which is considered to be particularly secure for IoT devices.
  • Digital transformation: Komax Connect has laid the foundation for the development of further digital services. The solution therefore represents an important milestone for Komax on the path to Industry 4.0.

Our services in the project

The PDF version of the Komax Success Story can be found here.


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