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DemoSCOPE is breaking new ground with the “appnyx” app: The Swiss social research institute is offering customers a new digital solution in the area of survey research and data science. In collaboration with bbv, the company developed the innovative research app, which boasts a new type of digital survey experience.

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Verschwommene Personen, die in verschiedene Richtungen gehen

Social research is facing major changes. Society is changing rapidly and DemoSCOPE’s public and private clients are continually having to deal with new issues. New methods are being developed all the time in order to find answers to these questions and thus establish a solid data foundation for making decisions. In this respect, DemoSCOPE is increasingly offering its customers digital solutions with new survey technologyincluding with the new “appnyx” app.

DemoSCOPE’s digitalisation strategy, which can be summed up as “Beyond Big Data”, aims to explore precisely those topics and issues in greater depth that are closed to big data approaches. In line with the motto “Digitisation with Humanisation”, the company sets its solutions apart from automated tools for collecting data and focuses on the aspect of interpersonal communication.

“We don’t send out automated and one-dimensional feedback requests, rather we address our questions to people in a highly personalised manner. We convey the relevance of the topics to them so that they can also gain insights for themselves or the topic as they answer the questions”, explains Stefan Klug, Head of Research and Development at DemoSCOPE.

With the newly created “appnyx” brand, the company is emphasising how important it is in democracies to share and discuss opinions. The name is inspired by the Pnyx in Athens, a hill located opposite the Acropolis. The Pnyx can be seen as a model for the later Swiss Landsgemeinde (cantonal assembly). Citizens met on the Pnyx as in the Landsgemeinde to talk about important issues and bring about democratic decisions. DemoSCOPE now wants to pick up on this idea digitally with the “appnyx”.

But instead of developing a purely digital survey world, DemoSCOPE also asked itself how it could create added value for customers and users with this app. Companies can use the new research app to engage a loyal and digital community, appeal to strong demographics and implement deep-acting research approaches.

Methodical all-round package for clients

The new app offers customers the opportunity to use sophisticated research approaches when creating surveys on complex research issues and to draw on the expertise of DemoSCOPE in the process. The precise and in-depth results in turn provide customers with the basis for making better decisions using data-driven knowledge and to stand out from the competition.

Digital survey experience makes the app a real experience

The digital survey experience was important when developing the app so that even answering the questions is a positive experience for the user. Users are guided intuitively through the survey and are given the results on the topics to which they have contributed, thus breaking with convention in this business. “appnyx” therefore gives something of actual value back to the user, namely knowledge. A new way of doing social research.

Moreover, users are also rewarded with incentives that invest in sustainability projects and thus have a long-term benefit.

Consultancy on digital experiences through to the finished product

“appnyx” as a product is the result of successful collaboration with bbv. Together with the UX and creative team, DemoSCOPE also developed the brand name, which has a strong relationship with Switzerland’s democratic society. The service concept in the area of digital experiences was also part of the consultancy provided by bbv.

The focus during implementation was on achieving an optimum collaboration model. In addition to a product owner at DemoSCOPE, a proxy product owner was also established at bbv Greece, who collaborated directly with the team in Thessaloniki. The product owners ensured short communications channels and quality assurance on the ground. The solution was developed using an agile approach in two-week sprints, with new functions being added on continually in the new sprint planning.

Data protection over and above legal requirements

The concept of “Privacy by Design” is indispensable when dealing with the personal information entrusted to DemoSCOPE. Only the data that is actually needed to answer the question is collected and users are informed fully of the true purpose and scope of the data collection.

The ISO 20252 certified company also sees its role as a data custodian and offers reliable protection of data above and beyond legal requirements. There are many cogs that need to be built into the data protection clockwork, one of which is the possibility to respond anonymously to questions on the various topics. As an intermediary between individuals and companies, the data entrusted to DemoSCOPE is only passed on in the form of static analyses, which do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individual persons.

“bbv played a decisive role in helping us to develop the concept for an innovative research app, which has made us more attractive for customers and the market.”

Stefan Klug, Head of Research and Development, DemoSCOPE AG

Project insights

Innovation: Customers can use sophisticated research approaches when creating surveys and draw on the expertise of DemoSCOPE. They get precise results and can therefore make better decisions and stand out from the competition.

User experience: Users are guided intuitively through the app, which makes answering the survey an experience in itself. In addition, they get access to the results of the survey. This breaks with convention and helps users to reflect on their thoughts and attitudes.

Collaboration: Collaboration with the bbv team in Greece was very efficient and transparent and brought together the know-how and experience of all project participants.

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Would you like to try appnyx? Then download the app using the QR code or at this link and take part in the  bbv survey on the state of digitalisation  in your company .

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