How China protects its data

China is an attractive expansion target for foreign companies. But the many laws on handling data complicate market access. bbv provides an overview of the applicable provisions.


Thermoplan uses Microsoft Azure cloud to manage data for its smart coffee machine.

When the meeting room becomes a security risk

bbv security expert Markus Burri explains how to find as many security vulnerabilities as possible in a company’s IT system. Better still though would be to implement IT security during the development phase.

Shrouded in myths

Individual solutions are expensive because the wheel has to be reinvented every time. Standard solutions are affordable but are not an optimal fit for the business processes. The debate around standard and individual software is shrouded in many myths and prejudices. Michael Maurer, Senior IT Consultant & Solution Architect at bbv, takes a more differentiated look at the matter and puts selected myths into perspective.

Exploiting opportunities for growth with the cloud

Following migration to the cloud, the curaBILL solution from Swisscom Health is fit for the future. bbv ensured a smooth transition to the cloud, using the latest technologies, high security and scalability to deliver faster innovations.

Innovation with industrial IoT

bbv supported GF Machining Solutions in the development of an IoT solution with which customers can optimise the manufacturing process and increase quality. Together with the customer, bbv developed the “Process Inspector” from the edge modules to the cloud backend and storage as well as the web frontend to the integration into the Digital Hub.


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