With serverless computing, servers exist physically even if the server layer is completely abstracted. AWS was the first cloud provider to launch a serverless solution with Lambda. The poster provides a good overview.

Developers can use this concept to create and implement cloud applications and services, without having to worry about servers and their administration. They upload the code and the cloud service handles the full administration of the required server infrastructure, including server and operating system maintenance.

Serverless is especially suitable for workloads that are difficult to predict or of a temporary nature, for automation tasks or for prototypes. Serverless is less ideal for resource-intensive, protracted tasks that cannot be planned, since in this case the costs can be significantly higher than in implementation environments with in-house administration.

The poster shows what to look out for with AWS serverless architecture building blocks. In addition to visualising cognito authentication, as well as event fan out, static web hosting, simple web services or file processing, it also summarises the best practices for Lambda functions. Moreover, the most important points in relation to compute, data, network, analytics, security and integration are listed.


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