Many long-term projects (also in the embedded sphere) become increasingly complex over time as maintenance, verification, troubleshooting and adaptations become ever more intricate and susceptible to error. This 48-page booklet shows that it makes absolute sense to also use agile principles in brownfield projects with quality-driven development (QDD/TDD).

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (ca. 700 Zeichen, ca. 7 Zeilen max.)
Agile software development methods have already proven to be very successful in greenfield projects. This booklet shows that the high initial outlay also pays off for older or brownfield projects as they are known in order to ensure up-to-date, comprehensible and testable software of a high quality in the long term.

bbv devotes itself in detail over 48 pages to the topics of quality, software lifecycle, refactoring and automated tests. In addition, the special brownfield dilemma is addressed as well as the concept of adding quality to legacy code. The final chapter “Techniques and practices” provides tangible instructions and tips for how to implement the theory in the real world.

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