Users of computers and mobile devices today expect them to be simple, clear and comprehensible to use. They have to be designed with the user in mind and correspond to established and familiar operating concepts. This approx. 70-page booklet explains bbv’s approach to developing products, which are effortless to use and gain the approval of users.

Technological progress not only leads to improved functionality of technical equipment, rather also to greater complexity. Acceptance, efficiency and satisfaction are increasingly determined by their ease of use. The available functions will only actually be used if their use is adequately simple.

This approx. 70-page booklet shows how we develop usable and attractive products at bbv based on a user-centred approach, which not only fulfil the requirements of users and the customer, but often even exceed them.

Would you like a more comprehensive overview? Then download the corresponding bbv User-centred design poster!

The PDFs download is currently only available in German language.


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