Thermoplan of Weggis, Switzerland, develops and produces professional coffee machines that enjoy a great reputation all over the world for their reliability, functionality, and their unique features and benefits. By signing long-term supply contracts with renowned international companies such as Starbucks or Nespresso.

Thermoplan is bringing to market a new model of their most popular coffee machine, which has tens of thousands of units deployed worldwide. Nowadays for the topology of customers that buy this type of coffee machine, the need to remotely manage, constantly track usage, and do predictive maintenance is of paramount importance; that’s the reason why the new machines are connected to the Internet.

Therefore, Thermoplan needs a reliable, scalable, and cost effective solution to ingest, store, and process this large quantity of telemetry data coming in real time from this new coffee machine, which includes forwarding the data to its customers for further analysis.


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