Sales processes can be automated even with highly customised services. bbv developed a price management tool for Schmid Rhyner AG, which automates 80 percent of manual steps and therefore speeds up the sales process sustainably. The solution was implemented using a bestshoring approach based on agile methods.

Schmid Rhyner AG develops lacquers for finishing and enhancing the touch and feel of high-quality packaging. The company’s customers expect custom pricing, which was previously created manually using information from a variety of different sources. bbv was commissioned to develop a solution together with Schmid Rhyner to standardise and extensively automate the process.

bbv handled the project organisation and acted as product owner proxy in the bestshoring approach followed by a team of developers in Vietnam. When calculating the price, the newly developed tool takes account of discounts, manufacturing costs and individual profitability for the specific customer. To do this, it takes information from a variety of sources and prepares it in a clear and transparent manner. The approval process is also defined and automated in the tool. The new platform automates 80 percent of the previous manual process steps and reduces the error rate significantly.

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Publishing year: 2019
Format: Success Story


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