bbv was engaged to upgrade Swisscom Health AG’s curabill production system to include a web-based recording and information system for receivables management in the area of healthcare. Development focused especially on the usability of the user interface and the security of the financial and patient data.

Swisscom Health AG needed a simple and easy to use web solution for doctors, labs and hospitals in order to record patient data and billing-related services simply. Customer were to be able to search for and evaluate data conveniently. Extensive field tests were performed to ensure usability. Standards similar to those with banking applications were used to ensure data security.

The underlying open architecture provided by bbv allows new products to be integrated with ease into the web solution using various technologies. Thanks to the excellent user experience, information concerning patients and services can now be queried conveniently and securely. Detailed statistics and sales analyses furthermore allow comprehensive reporting.

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Industries: Healthcare/ ICT & media
Publishing year: 2022
Format: Success Story


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