This poster in PDF format graphically illustrates the key phases and individual steps in an agile requirements engineering process in an appealing way. It also includes practical question templates to help formulate the vision, practical goals, initial feature list and appropriate user stories. This poster is an essential part of any development office.

How does agile requirements engineering work? This detailed poster graphically illustrates the interdependencies, individual points and processes involved in preparing agile software development optimally in advance. It specifically seeks to formulate the vision and concrete goals and also delivers the appropriate questions to do this.

The printed poster is a practical way to stay on track in the hectic of everyday life and to keep the fundamental mechanisms of agile requirements engineering clearly in focus – an indispensable aid for any project manager.

You can order the poster free of charge here in DIN A1 format. You will also find detailed information on agile project management in our Booklet “Requirements engineering in agile projects”.

The PDFs download is currently only available in German language.


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