How can testing be performed efficiently? To find an answer to this question, bbv examined the electronics testing process at maxon motor ag and developed a new test concept. The test process and the tools used specially for this purpose now allow high test coverage, faster reporting and a higher level of test automation.

maxon motor ag is the global leader in the provision of high-precision electric drive systems based on DC motors. The functionality of the servo controller is determined by the firmware used. Numerous tests are needed to ensure consistently high quality. maxon engaged bbv to look for ways to shorten the test phases without risking any adverse effects on quality.

All test phases were first analysed together with bbv and new tests were then developed and rolled out. In addition, tests were implemented as early as the design phase and more efficient testing tools were used. All measures increased the test efficiency and automation and significantly accelerated the test process.

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Industries: Industry/ Transport
Publishing year: 2015
Format: Success Story


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