Together with the GF Machining Solutions development team, bbv developed the «Process Inspector» from the edge modules to the cloud backend and storage as well as the web frontend to the integration into the Digital Hub.

The «Process Inspector» visualizes the machining process of a workpiece in 2D and 3D. In the process, the signal data is displayed in color. This enables the marking of deviations, which provides added value for the operator/machine operator. Especially for the operation of the complex machines and the highly precise and demanding machining process, the recording of the data helps to analyze errors and increase the quality.

With the IoT solution, an enormous amount of data is bundled and visualized: Depending on the machine type, several dozen signal values are sampled at 100-millisecond intervals. For one job, several million measured values are thus stored per hour.

This is where GF Machining Solutions’ spark-track technology comes into play, a revolution in EDM technology that can reliably detect the discharge location in wire EDM.


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