Search intuitively, find quickly: The new B2B webshop impresses customers thanks to good user experience and supports streamlined logistics for SAG. An international team enabled implementation as a best-shoring solution with consistent agile project management. bbv provided support for scrum project management, UX design, BI and test management.

Swiss Automotive Group AG (SAG) supplies 250,000 spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles via its webshop to workshops, electricians and special-purpose vehicle manufacturers and speciality stores. The existing shop had reached its limits as regards usability, maintainability and scalability, also in terms of connecting external partners.

bbv initially supported the SAG project managers and product owners with intensive coaching and mentoring in the areas of business analysis, project planning and test management. Key development tasks were outsourced to a large team in Vietnam and a team in Greece, who together planned and successfully implemented all project steps. The development took just eight months and was presented to the enthusiastic SAG customers in spring 2017 at a car showroom in Geneva.

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