Applications that only run in the cloud are called cloud-native applications (CNA). This poster clearly shows the special advantages of this solution approach and cites numerous component providers who can deliver modules for these apps. It also explains the principles of CNA and offers a definition of different cloud application maturity levels.

Cloud-native apps (CNA) differ from classic multi-tier applications primarily in terms of their distribution and elasticity. They can also (frequently) adapt automatically to fluctuating workloads and in this way optimise costs. The DIN A2 PDF poster provides an overview of the most important components from which CNAs can be created and names countless providers and products. On the side, it defines four cloud application maturity levels and highlights the main distinguishing features of CNA.

This poster provides you with a very practical overview of providers and technologies to enable you to create second-generation cloud-native apps yourself. You can order the poster free of charge here in DIN A1 format.

The PDFs download is currently only available in German language.


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