A number of different aspects have to be considered to ensure that the best possible quality can be achieved in software development. The clearly laid out and densely packed 2-page cheat sheet offers developers specific notes, tips and rules in nine different sections on how to make as few errors as possible in development projects.

Quality is the product of many aspects and does not come overnight, rather has to be developed methodologically. Not only do the technical requirements have to be right, rather also the specifications, team composition and skills of the developers.

The “Software Development Quality” cheat sheet divides the individual aspects into nine sections. Quality Attributes, Mindset/Culture, Lean Process, Communication, Team Organisation, Team, Product Discovery, Product Production and Product Release. It provides specific rules and tips in sub-sections for each area for how to achieve the best possible results. Every developer should have one on their desk or pinned to the wall.

The PDFs download is currently only available in German language.


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