DemoSCOPE is breaking new ground with the app “appnyx”: The Swiss social research institute offers clients a new digital solution in the field of survey research and data science. Together with bbv, the company developed the innovative research app, which scores with a new kind of digital survey experience.

For the client, the new app offers the possibility to use sophisticated research approaches when creating surveys on complex questions and to draw on the expertise of DemoSCOPE. The precise and in-depth results, in turn, give clients the basis to make better decisions through data-driven knowledge and to differentiate themselves from competitors.

When developing the app, the digital survey experience was important so that answering the question is already a positive experience for the user. Intuitively, users are guided through the survey and receive the results on the topics they have contributed to, which breaks with conventions in this business. In this way, “appnyx” gives back some of the actual value to the users, namely knowledge! A new way social research works. In addition, users are also rewarded with incentives that invest in sustainability projects and thus have a long-term benefit.


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