Thermoplan’s latest generation of professional coffee machines are connected to the Internet and produce data on the quality of the coffee and the wear and tear of the machine parts. bbv developed a secure cloud Azure IoT solution together with Microsoft to allow the large volumes of data to be analysed.

Thermoplan develops and produces professional coffee machines. The latest models are connected to the Internet so that they can be controlled remotely and supplied with updates. The quality of the coffee produced is also monitored constantly and the wear and tear tracked proactively to allow intervention before a machine malfunctions.

Together with Microsoft and Thermoplan, bbv developed a solution that can process and evaluate the approx. 200 GB of data daily that is produced by around 50,000 coffee machines around the globe. The solution consists of an Azure IoT hub as a telemetry data sink for product statistics as well as an asset manager and a configuration and software update system. Azure Stream Analytics is used to analyse and distribute the data in real time.

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