Improved control software for a new generation of coffee machines was needed to fulfil all of the customer’s wishes. bbv developed the software together with Thermoplan using cutting-edge technologies and methods and trained the employees in parallel. bbv was able to offer its extensive knowledge of embedded Linux, continuous integration, unit tests and agile software development.

Thermoplan is a major international manufacturer of coffee machines and supplies companies such as Starbucks, Statoil, Nespresso and Costa Coffee. The plan was to develop a new and significantly more modular electronic and software architecture for a new machine generation. Internal developers were also to be trained so that they could continue to develop the software.

A bbv software expert was on hand from the outset to offer know-how in Linux and Qt-based systems as well as system architecture expertise. He also helped to set up a continuous integration platform and established effective quality assurance using modern software testing methods. The development was iterative and ultimately delivered extremely high software quality with minimal and easily resolvable errors. The Thermoplan employees can now make future changes themselves.

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