The entertaining empirical report looks at a project that threatens to fail under the pressure of too many bugs. By switching to a zero-bug policy, error mountains were successfully dismantled and the motivation of the developer teams – which had hit rock-bottom – was restored. Almost as an aside, we learn many details about what a zero-bug policy involves.

Bugs and the resolution of these errors are rather unpopular with developers. They rapidly accumulate to become unassailable monsters, which quickly cost more to manage than to fix. However, this inhibits ongoing development significantly and creates a bad atmosphere throughout the entire team.

The amusing and very informative empirical report describes how a project threatened to get out of hand because of too many bugs and how the (not so easy) introduction of a zero-bug policy became the critical turning point for the team and the project. As an aside, the report describes the main subtleties of the policy, since not every error discovered is also resolved …

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