Your key to simplified, digital facility management

Facility management is complex. High quality data at the right time is critical for successful commissioning. Efficient, iterative collaboration between architects, clients and designers is essential. Our product «Swiss LCDM Hub» helps you to orchestrate the BIM2FM process.

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Swiss LCDM Hub as central data hub

bbv has developed the Swiss LCDM Hub as a central platform for data exchange in facility management. The platform not only facilitates bi-directional data synchronisation, but also ensures quality management. This allows you to get buildings up and running faster and ensure that cleaning, maintenance and changes are up to date in both facility management and BIM models (CDE).

A digital twin of the building also brings clear benefits later in the building’s lifecycle – for example, in facility management, sustainability issues or change management.

Steve Weissbaum, Head of Strategic Real Estate and Operations Management, Insel Gruppe AG

bbv took a holistic approach to our problem and developed a solution that quickly added value. The implementation and the cooperation were convincing on all levels.

Your benefits – from design to facility management

Building Information Modelling (BIM) offers significant benefits throughout a building’s lifecycle, particularly in facility management. It digitises and models all relevant building data, improving coordination between all parties involved.

  • The operation of the building can be planned in advance.
  • Building data, documentation, 2D data and 3D models are available for future extensions and modifications.
digitales Spital

The barrier to entry: Using data, ensuring quality

How do you find the really operationally relevant data in a flood of attributes? A ventilation system alone can contain several million different attributes in the BIM model. And how do you ensure the quality of this data? The answer is the Swiss LCDM Hub – developed by bbv.

Advantages of the Swiss LCDM Hub

The product «Swiss LCDM Hub» developed by bbv is a data-centric solution that enables semi-automated, iterative data transfer between different source systems and your FM system or other target systems (e.g. HIS / ERP).

Without a data hub such as the Swiss LCDM Hub, it is virtually impossible to…

  • manage
  • control
  • and import

…the enormous amount of BIM data for your own FM purposes.

BIM2FM – Your key to digital facility management

The BIM2FM solution is already in use at the Inselspital in Bern. It is used to transfer design data to the operational target systems at the right time and in the right quality for the respective process. The key success factor is the ability of the user to actively control the selection, transformation and conversion during the data transfer.

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Benefits of this innovative solution

  • Easy data filtering: Simply specify the level of detail of the data to be transferred and decide which data is required – and which is not.
  • Visual quality control: The Swiss LCDM Hub includes a quality control centre that visually displays the entire data processing process to ensure data quality.
  • Can be used without IT knowledge: The solution is designed so that professionals without in-depth IT knowledge can prepare and use BIM data for facility management.

This is how the Swiss LCDM Hub is used

All building data at a glance

All relevant building data is available centrally and up-to-date in the Swiss LCDM Hub. This makes coordination between the various players much easier and more efficient.

Early error detection

The transparency and timeliness of the data (iterative process) means that planning errors and shortcomings can be quickly identified and corrected. Source and target systems are synchronised in small steps.

Optimised operational planning

With the Swiss LCDM Hub, you can plan your building operations in advance and reduce operating costs through targeted use of data.

Christian Gavesi, Project Manager, bbv

From the outset, our vision was to develop a platform that would enable business users without in-depth IT knowledge to process BIM data and utilise it for facility management. We have achieved this with the Swiss LCDM Hub.

Smart Building Transformation with BIM Insel Group

For a modern medical infrastructure, the construction projects of the Insel Group use a «Data Quality Control Center» with BIM data hub. bbv developed the solution for highest planning reliability and data quality.

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Are you interested in learning more about BIM2FM and the Swiss LCDM Hub?

Are you curious about the possibilities of integrating and using building information throughout the entire building lifecycle?

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The Swiss LCDM Hub is aimed at anyone working in facility management who wants to benefit from the advantages of data-based management.

With the Swiss LCDM Hub, the data required for building operation can be used easily and without in-depth IT knowledge.

The entire data preparation process is migrated, visualised and monitored by the Quality Control Centre integrated into the Swiss LCDM Hub. This ensures that data quality is guaranteed at all times.

The medical care of patients depends to a large extent on the economic efficiency of a hospital. Technology, infrastructure, maintenance and energy costs are just as critical to the smooth running of a hospital as patient safety, fire protection or high hygiene requirements. Here too, the data captured by BIM provides maximum transparency of the building, making facility management easier.

But only under the right conditions. A major challenge for facility management is to obtain the data that is really relevant for operations. The Swiss LCDM Hub helps with this.

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