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The rapid pace of digital transformation is enabling previously unimaginable business ideas and models. To keep up with this pace, effective and continuous innovation management is essential. This enables new customer value to be identified and quickly implemented as a product, process or business model. With tailored advice, our consultants ensure that your company has the necessary edge in a highly agile market environment – and continues to expand it.

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Harald Beer

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bbv Switzerland

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Your Benefits

  • Sustainable success: Lay the foundation for your digital transformation with a clear vision and build on it a long-term IT strategy for successful implementation.
  • Customised solutions: Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your business. No off-the-shelf solutions, but tailor-made strategies to find and implement innovative business ideas.
  • Concrete perspectives: Our multi-disciplinary consultants identify strengths and weaknesses and show you concrete prospects for digital business models.
  • Competitive advantage through innovation: We work with you to develop and establish a continuous innovation management system tailored to your business – for real competitive advantage.
  • Profound expertise: We have helped many companies on their digital transformation journey and have in-depth knowledge. Put our expertise to work for your business.
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Jonas Ruesch, Head of Software Engineering Digital Business, GF Machining Solutions

On the way to new digital business models, bbv is a strong partner for us with close ties to the industrial environment, combined with field-tested IoT experience.

Our Services

The milestones are usually defined, but often the key competences are missing to move forward effectively and efficiently. Our experienced and interdisciplinary consultants give your ideas the necessary impetus. bbv’s specialities include:

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  • Innovation Workshops: Our Innovation Workshops provide a structured format to help you find and develop business ideas and models more quickly.
  • Business Analysis: We identify the key areas where your business can grow through digitisation. With in-depth expertise and data-driven methodologies, we lay the foundation for your successful digital transformation.
  • Service Design: We help you improve your digital services and develop customer-centric solutions. By analysing your business processes holistically, we design optimised, tailored services for an outstanding customer experience.
  • Change Management: Our change management services guide your organisation through the digital transformation. With proven strategies and customised roadmaps, we minimise risk and drive adoption of new technologies and processes within your team.
  • Customer Experience & Customer Journey: We design seamless interactions between your organisation and your customers – for an experience that increases customer loyalty and satisfaction. By integrating multiple touchpoints, we create a consistent and engaging customer journey that will delight your customers.
Jan Weber, Project Manager & Scrum Master, SBB Informatik, SBB AG

bbv consultants created transparency in the area of business analysis to enable improved application development. This ensured our team was excellently poised within SBB IT as a whole.

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    FAQ on Digital Business Models

    What are digital business models?

    Digital business models are enabled by the use of digital technologies and can extend, optimise or even replace existing business models. They also create and expand the framework of strategic options for the company in a completely new way.

    These models often focus on entering new markets, introducing new products or services, and optimising operational processes. Value creation is maximised through digital technologies to meet the demands and opportunities of the digital age.

    Why is effective and continuous innovation management important?

    Effective and continuous innovation management is critical to the development of new customer value. It requires a structured framework for generating, prioritising and implementing ideas. Companies learn to be agile and proactive in responding to market changes and to assess the impact of technological developments.

    Through a systematic and customer-focused approach to identifying market opportunities and risks, innovation management helps to optimise existing offerings and develop new services and products.

    It also fosters a culture of continuous improvement and strengthens organisational resilience, which is essential for sustainable growth and long-term success in the fast-moving digital world.

    How can I find and develop digital business ideas more quickly?

    The bbv Innovation Workshop Series offers you an ideal format to find and develop business ideas on various technological and methodological trend topics. Each workshop consists of three modules in which we guide you in a structured way from idea to business case.

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    How can bbv's consultants support my company?

    Our interdisciplinary consultants specialise in identifying and implementing new business models in the context of digitalisation. They work closely with your team to analyse your business model and market opportunities.

    Based on this, they develop customised strategies and roadmaps specifically designed to identify and implement innovative business ideas. With a deep understanding of technology and market conditions, they deliver tailored solutions that not only drive your organisation’s digital transformation, but also enable new services and products.

    In this way, we ensure that your business remains competitive and continues to grow in the digital landscape.

    What are the benefits of business analysis in the context of digital transformation?

    Business analysis in the context of digital transformation offers your company multi-dimensional benefits. It identifies the key areas in which your business can grow through digitalisation and enables you to accurately identify opportunities and risks. You can optimise your business processes and develop new business models through data-driven analysis and informed decision-making.

    Business analysis also provides a strategic foundation for understanding the needs of your target audiences and making the most efficient use of your resources. This not only creates cost efficiencies, but also enables you to tailor your products and services to your customers’ needs.

    What are the key success factors in change management?

    Change management is about consciously recognising the need for change and driving the necessary changes in a positive way. Experience from many client projects shows that the interaction of 7 factors significantly facilitates successful and targeted change:

    • Support and reflection
    • Need for change
    • Willingness and ability to change
    • Management and leadership
    • Approach
    • Resistance
    • Corporate culture

    The bbv poster «Success Factors in Change Management» helps to reflect on active change on a daily basis and shows where you stand in the current process and where adjustments may be necessary.

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