Your users determine success

The days when technical features were the only factor determining the success or failure of software are long gone. The User Experience (UX) is a critical aspect of whether an application makes the break-through. Software should be perceived as being intuitive, ergonomic and attractive and allow efficient and effective use. On the other hand, software today also has to encourage positive emotions so that it is used more frequently and more intensively.

By viewing the user holistically, our UX experts ensure that the software developed generates a real sense of excitement.

Innovation workshops

From idea to business case. The innovation workshops provide a forum for us to develop business ideas with you relating to technological and methodological trend topics.

Innovation Workshops

Exceptional user experience counts

Software that is fully in line with the UX approach offers critical strategic advantages. Depending on the potential use of your application, the positive user experience can provide for enhanced customer retention, for example, as well as more productive employees or lower costs for support and training and therefore direct economic benefits.

A convincing user experience also pays off indirectly: It can help your company to stand out on the market and increase trust in your brand. It is even more important that the user experience is tailored as precisely as possible to your company, products and services. Our UX specialists know what matters.

We place our users centre stage

Whether new development or optimisation of existing software – we accompany your project from the initial idea to the finished product and integrate the UX approach from the outset. Our experts operate according to the principle of user centered design. They focus uncompromisingly on the individual user and their specific needs and incorporate the user accordingly.

We identify needs, expectations and also the context of use as part of requirement analyses, interviews or focus groups. Through rapid prototyping combined with reviews and usability tests, vulnerabilities and inconsistencies are already uncovered in early project phases. This ensures a streamlined development process and creates applications that offer a real added value for users and therefore also for their companies.


Patrick Labud

Senior Consultant

bbv Schweiz

User-centered design supports maintenance of the Gotthard Base Tunnel

User-centered design supports maintenance of the Gotthard Base Tunnel

The constrained time frames for maintenance in the world’s longest rail tunnel demand precise and efficient planning. As no software was previously available for managing the work, a solution was developed together with SBB using an agile process. bbv developed an intuitive design for the software, which is quick to learn, transparent and self-explanatory to use.

Success Story
Marco Corradini, Chief Conservation Planner Gotthard, SBB AG

bbv understood our unusual requirements and implemented them optimally in an intuitive user interface design. Professional and flexible – we were really impressed.

Poster on the topic of user-centered design

Focusing product development as a whole on end users is the basic motto of user-centered design. The DIN A2 poster of the same name explains the most important principles, illustrates the cycle of request, solution and evaluation and lists the various advantages this process offers. A poster for every product owner and project manager.


Booklet: Usability, user experience and user-centred design

Users of computers and mobile devices today expect them to be simple, clear and comprehensible to use. They have to be designed with the user in mind and correspond to established and familiar operating concepts. This approx. 70-page booklet explains bbv’s approach to developing products, which are effortless to use and gain the approval of users.


Faster processing and high data quality thanks to good usability

In the course of migrating to a new technology and architecture for a manufacturer of public authority software, the user interface was also to be redesigned. bbv designed the entire usability process from draft to software development in a user-centered design process and guaranteed successful implementation.

Success Story

Software Development Quality Map

The map covers more than 80 topics in relation to software quality, arranged figuratively in eight countries. Readers can follow the orange route or explore the countries under their own steam.



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