The advantages of agile methods paired with experience in Embedded GNU/Linux: Together with René Koch, bbv Software Services successfully developed the software for a smart packaging box. Agile methods, such as behaviour-driven and test-driven development, were used as well as numerous tools including Docker, Cucumber and Jenkins.

bbv demonstrated its expertise too when it came to developing embedded systems under Linux: René Koch AG needed software to control a smart packaging box. Scrum was used as an agile method for the development: The customer was able to put a new version to the acid test every two weeks and make suggestions for changes.

The existing prototypes were ported to Linux from Windows. Even the Linux used was successfully configured via a version control system and then completely regenerated at the press of a button. The quality of the code created was extremely high thanks to the test-driven development. The customer engaged bbv to implement further functional enhancements following completion of the project.

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