Nobody keeps their own electricity and hydroelectric power plant in their cellar – that would be inefficient. Equally, it makes sense economically to use cloud resources rather than to try and manage your entire IT in-house. This booklet explains the advantages and disadvantages of cloud solutions and the different services, and highlights the role played by Microsoft Azure.

Many companies have already recognised how unwieldy, complex and expensive it is ultimately to operate their own data centres and IT in-house. It makes sense to delegate such areas to specialists – like power and water utilities – who provide these services from their ultra-modern cloud centres and take care of everything.

This 28-page booklet explains the reasons for using cloud services, outlines which different variants exist (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), addresses the opportunities and risks, examines the costs and looks more closely at the services offered by Microsoft’s Cloud platform Azure. Anyone who has read this booklet will be able to contribute at management level on the topic of the cloud.

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