This approx. 50-page booklet addresses the basics of Windows Store applications, which were introduced with the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system and the associated Windows Store. They are referred to as Modern UI apps. These apps go hand in hand with new operating concepts (such as touch operation and device orientation), tools and development frameworks.

Microsoft presented a more or less completely new interface for Windows applications with Windows 8, which supports modern concepts such as touch operation, generous fresh layouts and an AppStore. However, the foundation is also completely new as a result, which means that developers have to get to grips with the new platforms.

The 50-page booklet provides essential knowledge on how the new apps are structured, which platforms are available for development and how they differ from each other. The authors also specifically address the life cycle, sandbox and suspend topics of the AppStore applications and thus provide a good overview and initial point of entry for software developers.

The PDFs download is currently only available in German language.


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