Cloud computing is well established at this stage. Microsoft got on board years back with the Azure platform and now offers the most comprehensive range of services in the public cloud. This booklet explains exactly what lies behind Azure and how you can migrate existing software.

This 30-page booklet illustrates a potential path for using the Microsoft Azure platform services to migrate existing applications or to develop new applications in the cloud. The approach is split into four stages, which it explains individually:

  • Hosting in Windows Azure
  • Adaptation to the cloud
  • Scalability
  • Software-as-a-Service

The booklet proceeds step-by-step, sets up an Azure account with the reader and first implements a simple existing application as an Azure application. It then goes on to introduce special cloud functions and options offered by Azure and finally explains how to implement a client-enabled Software-as-a-Service solution in Azure.

The PDFs download is currently only available in German language.


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