Valuable insights as a basis for sound decisions: bbv collaborated with ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz AG to develop a new, scalable and forward-looking analysis system that allows customers to filter out important trends and insights from comprehensive media evaluations using machine learning techniques.

ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS® Schweiz AG is the leading provider of integrated business intelligence solutions in Switzerland. The basis for success is the unique combination of extensive media coverage globally, innovative technology and personal consultancy. The aim of the project was to develop a platform, which prepares and analyses media data from social media, web, print, radio and TV channels to identify trends and opportunities at an early stage.

The new platform is highly scalable and uses Azure and the Google Cloud. A number of services with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning models were developed in order to enrich the media data with business data. The actual services are orchestrated with Kubernetes. The new system processes around 200,000 posts and publications per day and can be extended flexibly.

Publishing year: 2019
Format: Success Story


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