This printable poster in PDF format clearly shows all aspects that experienced developers and product owners need to consider when testing software in agile projects. Apart from defining participating roles, it depicts the different testing types in the “Agile Testing Quadrant” and addresses the topic of test automation.

Test management in agile software development processes significantly impacts the success of the overall development. bbv’s practical “Agile testing” poster helps to ensure that nothing important is forgotten. It explains the typical processes and lists the most important testing types and techniques. It also looks specifically at test automation and defines additional roles in the testing process.

The printed poster is a practical way to stay on track in critical phases of a project and to test new software as comprehensively as possible – an indispensable aid for any product owner, tester and developer.

You can order the poster free of charge here in DIN A1 format. You will also find detailed information on agile testing in our Booklet “Software quality in agile projects”.

The PDFs download is currently only available in German language.


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