In the course of migrating to a new technology and architecture for a manufacturer of public authority software, the user interface was also to be redesigned. bbv designed the entire usability process from draft to software development in a user-centered design process and guaranteed successful implementation.

Existing software was to be redeveloped for the provider of a leading software solution for the public authorities in Switzerland. In addition to technology and architecture, the user interface (GUI) was also to be completely redesigned. bbv was engaged by the company for this purpose.

Based on a contextual inquiry, the bbv usability expert recorded detailed information on how users execute work processes. A rough concept was developed based on a flowchart analysis and improved iteratively. The resulting detailed concept was likewise optimised in a number of steps and then implemented. The work processes now require 50 percent fewer clicks thanks to the new software. The new GUI has improved the data quality due to numerous wizards and is virtually self-explanatory, which in turn reduces training costs.

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Industries: Administration
Publishing year: 2015
Format: Success Story


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