Hügli needed a new technology for its business intelligence architecture. bbv supported the customer in implementing a new data warehouse and was able to significantly speed up development processes at the same time as well as improve reliability and the quality of the data significantly.

Hügli is an international food manufacturing company, which produces and distributes soups, sauces, stock, spices, antipasti, desserts and ready meals. The food manufacturer wanted to optimise its business intelligence architecture and establish a new data warehouse in order to speed up its processes and make them more efficient.

bbv’s experts carried out some quick-win changes first so it could then propose a number of variants for a new data warehouse architecture following extensive analysis. A productive and test system was established and developments then tested and deployed gradually. Both performance and maintainability of the entire system have improved significantly following the seamless transition.

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Industries: Industry
Publishing year: 2016
Format: Success Story


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