The pharmaceutical company is an innovator leader and system provider in the area of human medical diagnosis. bbv was involved in a consultancy role with the migration of an internationally distributed development organisation to scrum and supported the company from idea through to implementation.

The know-how of four development crews distributed across continents was to be bundled for an international pharmaceutical company and software was to be developed collaboratively for diagnostics, combining three different predecessor products and ensuring compliance with FDA requirements at the same time.

An experienced bbv scrum coach developed a plan to realise the best methodological and organisational structure and implemented a scrum-of-scrum project landscape for several feature teams working on the same project. The company benefited from the experience of the coach with large distributed teams and thus also avoided stumbling blocks in rolling out scrum. The software was implemented within the shortest possible time and fulfilled all customer requirements.

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Publishing year: 2015
Format: Success Story


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