EROWA AG is the leading manufacturer of high-precision tooling solutions for machine tools. bbv developed the control platform for the mid- and high-range segment of handling robots as a single hardware and software unit. The new custom solution was ready for exhibition at a trade fair after just ten months.

A scalable control platform comprising hardware and software was to be developed for the mid- and high-range segment of EROWA AG’s handling robots. Special challenges included a fixed price for development and guaranteed unit prices for producing the controller as well as a trade fair date when the new solution was to be presented.

bbv created the new control solution in just 10 months, offering the customer a reliable platform on which to run its robot application. Numerous interfaces (RS 232/422/485/422, Ethernet, 2 CAN controllers) had to be connected in the eCos real-time operating system for connecting to other systems. An abstraction layer ensured the necessary modularisation of control unit, drives, machine elements, communication and maintenance access.

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Industries: Industry
Publishing year: 2015
Format: Success Story


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