bbv developed a new customer portal for Egli Mühlen as an extension of the legacy systems combined with an improved data structure, which provides feed customers with all information at a glance and allows them to place orders directly. The new portal is responsive and can therefore also be used on smartphones and tablets.

The Swiss mixed feed provider Egli Mühlen wanted to replace its legacy ordering and billing system with a new customer portal, which also works on smartphones and tablets. A total of six systems had to be combined and reprogrammed. bbv developed the new portal on site with a project manager and a programming team in Vietnam and implemented it seamlessly in an agile project.

The consistently agile approach and a project setup involving a contact on the ground and development in Vietnam resulted in a high-quality product at an attractive price. The customer worked directly with the bbv team in Vietnam during the course of the project. Thanks to the new portal, Egli Mühlen can advise its customers faster and in a more targeted way, which significantly accelerates business processes.

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