The printable poster in PDF format “Success factors in change management” from bbv shows what is needed when it comes to major changes in companies and how these changes can be implemented successfully. It lists seven aspects and illustrates them in a clearly laid out diagram based on the analogy of a supertanker.

The larger the company, the more difficult it is to implement changes, right? Not so. What is important is to set clear goals, manage the change actively, bring all stakeholders on board and deal skilfully with resistance. The measures also have to be tailored to the corporate culture.

This poster uses a paddle steamer to illustrate which seven points should be considered in order to successfully implement change in the company. These points are:

  • Support and reflection
  • Need for change
  • Willingness and ability to change
  • Management and leadership
  • Approach
  • Resistance
  • Corporate culture

Print and pin the poster to the wall to reflect on active changes each and every day and see where you are in the process at present as well as where readjustments are needed.


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