Service meshes generate a network abstraction for container-based applications and services in order to simplify their management. bbv’s DIN A2 poster explains the architecture of service meshes, highlights their popular features and looks especially at the topics of security, traffic management, telemetry and reliability.

Microservices are set to conquer the cloud world because they are easy to develop and deploy. As their numbers increase, however, so too does the complexity, necessitating management of the services. Service meshes provide an answer to this challenge. They form an abstraction level above the microservices and ensure secure, reliable operation and the required transparency.

The DIN A2 poster “Service meshes in microservice architectures” highlights the advantages and disadvantages of microservice architectures, explains the most important terms, such as security, traffic management and telemetry, and clearly depicts the architecture of a service mesh in graphical form.

Anyone considering implementing microservices should have this poster on their office wall to help them to stay on track. For optimum results, you can order the poster free of charge here in DIN A2 format.

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