Software products and services are changing constantly and have to be maintained. Application lifecycle management places this aspect centre stage. This BBV poster graphically illustrates all ALM processes concisely and compares features and tool categories in table form.

Anyone who develops software regularly must also monitor and actively control its management across multiple versions and many years. The application lifecycle management (ALM) process includes a number of subcategories such as risk management, release management, continuous development & deployment, product portfolio management and requirements engineering. The printed DIN A0-sized application lifecycle management poster identifies the correlations and represents them clearly in graphical form.

The printed poster is a practical way to stay on track of all aspects of application lifecycle management – an indispensable aid for every product owner and stakeholder.

You can order the poster free of charge here in DIN A0 format. You will find detailed information on ALM in our Booklet “Application lifecycle management”.

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