Anyone who develops (software) products generally has to perform adjustments, updates and fixes afterwards. When the user plays a central role here, this is referred to as the user experience lifecycle. The large poster compares the most important phases, terms and dimensions in a graphically appealing manner.

Current cloud software, in particular, has to be adapted continually to new requirements, wishes and changes by customers and legislators. A product is therefore never final, rather continuously undergoes the same development cycle. Where user feedback is at the core, this is referred to as the user experience lifecycle.

bbv’s clearly laid out poster illustrates the role played by performance, usability and design and the importance of continuous principles in development. It summarises the tasks of business owners and the development teams in table form and lists the most important user experience metrics for assessing the software quality.

Would you like more information on this topic? Then download our 60-page Booklet “Usability, user experience & user-centered design”. You can order the poster free of charge here in DIN A1 format.

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