Selectron Fleet Monitoring can create remote diagnostics for a train during operation. Thanks to the fast response times, downtimes can be reduced during servicing. The cloud and IoT experts at bbv are to thank for the fast, secure and scalable implementation of the solution, which offers high availability at minimal operating costs.

Predictive maintenance – or the timely detection of wear and tear and anticipation of outage – was one of the reasons in favour of developing a new cloud solution for remote diagnostics of all types of rail vehicles. Employees are informed of faults in good time and can therefore minimise downtimes.

Selectron called on bbv’s support for the project because a cloud solution from a large provider like Microsoft or Amazon was essential to get the project off the ground. As a longstanding Microsoft Azure specialist, bbv developed the fleet monitoring solution fully and to market maturity in just twelve months and supplied it to initial customers. Thanks to cloud usage, Selectron has minimised its operating costs.

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Industries: Industry/ Transport
Publishing year: 2019
Format: Success Story


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