Experience is the key to successful management of major projects. bbv supported the customer in developing a new diagnostics solution for contagious disease viruses by providing a very experienced quality expert in general test management and allowed valuable development time to be saved through the efficient approach adopted.

A new diagnostics device was to be developed and tested for a company from the medical sector, which can test large volumes of samples for defecting infectious diseases or hereditary predispositions. More than 200 skilled employees and engineers were involved in the large-scale project. The company engaged bbv to coordinate the overall test management.

The project presented special challenges in that the new device was to be able to examine several samples in parallel and continue working even if a testing line failed. The controller itself is also extremely complex and dependent on different platforms. bbv introduced quality gates for the testing and was therefore able to find and resolve errors early on, contributing to timely completion of the device.

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Publishing year: 2015
Format: Success Story


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