Board of Directors

Portrait of Adrian BachofenPortrait of Adrian Bachofen
Adrian Bachofen

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Portrait of Pascal SieberPortrait of Pascal Sieber
Dr. Pascal Sieber

Member of the Board of Directors

Executive Board

Portrait of Philipp KronenbergPortrait of Philipp Kronenberg
Philipp Kronenberg


Portrait of Alan EttlinAlan Ettlin bbv
Dr. Alan Ettlin


Digital Experience Services

Portrait of Thomas FischerPortrait of Thomas Fischer
Thomas Fischer

Business Area Manager

Energy & Industry

Portrait of Roland AchermannPortrait of Roland Achermann
Roland Achermann

Business Area Manager

Portrait of Daniel HöfligerPortraitbild von Daniel Höfliger
Daniel Höfliger

Business Area Manager

Portrait of Marco MengeltPortrait of Marco Mengelt
Marco Mengelt

Service Unit Manager

Financial service providers & Transport

Portrait of Alan EttlinAlan Ettlin bbv
Dr. Alan Ettlin


Portrait of Stefan HäberlingPortrait of Stefan Häberling
Stefan Häberling

Service Unit Manager

Healthcare & Insurance

Portrait of Christof OberholzerPortrait of Christof Oberholzer
Christof Oberholzer

Business Area Manager

Portrait of Christoph MurerPortrait of Christoph Murer
Christoph Murer

Service Unit Manager

Industry & Medical Technology

Portrait of Martin EgloffPortrait of Martin Egloff
Martin Egloff

Business Area Manager

Portrait of Axel HohnbergPortrait of Axel Hohnberg
Axel Hohnberg

Service Unit Manager

ICT/Media & Public sector

Portrait of Markus HolznerPortrait of Markus Holzner
Markus Holzner

Business Area Manager

Micha Brandenberger bbv PortraitPortrait of Micha Brandenberger
Micha Brandenberger

Service Unit Manager

Shoring Greece & Vietnam

Portrait of Richard BeständigPortrait of Richard Beständig
Richard Beständig

Business Area Manager

Portrait of Duong LuuPortrait of Duong Luu
Duong Luu

Managing Director

Portrait of Risto KyburzPortrait of Risto Kyburz
Risto Kyburz

Managing Director


Portrait of Flavia HalterPortrait of Flavia Halter
Flavia Halter

HR Recruiting Specialist

Portrait of Julia JostPortrait of Julia Jost
Julia Jost

HR Recruiting Specialist

Portrait of Fabia de PintoPortrait of Fabia de Pinto
Fabia de Pinto

HR Professional Assistant

Portrait of Helena FelderPortrait of Helena Felder
Helena Felder

Senior HR Specialist


Portrait of Christian HaselPortrait of Christian Hasel
Christian Hasel

Teamlead Freelancing

Portrait of Anna Lena BartelsPortrait of Anna Lena Bartels
Anna Lena Bartels

Senior Recruiting Specialist

Portrait of Martin SchneiderPortrait of Martin Schneider
Martin Schneider

Senior Recruiting Specialist

Mathias CesurMathias Cesur
Mathias Cesur

Recruiting Specialist

Portrait of Anna-Lena-RöckerPortrait of Anna-Lena-Röcker
Anna-Lena Röcker

Recruiting Specialist

Academy & Events

Portrait of Claudia MeindlPortrait of Claudia Meindl
Claudia Meindl

Team Lead Administration

Portrait of Regula KellerPortrait of Regula Keller
Regula Keller


Portrait of Karin BurriPortrait of Karin Burri
Karin Burri

Academy & Administration

Marketing & Communication

Portrait of Alexander WickiPortrait of Alexander Wicki
Alexander Wicki

Team Lead Marketing & Communications

Portrait of Dominique MoccandPortrait of Dominique Moccand
Dominique Moccand

Senior Communications Manager

Finance & IT

Portrait of Stefan BeelerPortraitbild von Stefan Beeler
Stefan Beeler

Team Lead Finance & Controlling

Portrait of Stephanie BiglerStephanie-Bigler
Stephanie Bigler

Accounting Assistant

Portrait of Roman ArnoldPortrait of Roman Arnold
Roman Arnold

Team Lead IT

Portrait of Rafael WickiPortrait of Rafael Wicki
Rafael Wicki

Professional System Administrator

bbv Germany

Portrait of Philipp KronenbergPortrait of Philipp Kronenberg
Philipp Kronenberg


Portrait of Joschka WankePortrait of Joschka Wanke
Joschka Wanke

Chief Operating Officer

Portrait of Nina HeiselPortrait of Nina Heisel
Nina Heisel

HR Manager/Recruiting

Portrait of Carolin HindererPortrait of Carolin Hinderer
Carolin Hinderer

HR & Office Managerin

Cindy Schmidt

Office Managerin

Portraitbild von Alexandra LützenburgerPortrait of Alexandra Lützenburger
Alexandra Lützenburger

Professional Partner Managerin


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