Workshops Software Modernisation

Choosing the right strategy for the future.

Software modernisation promises enormous potential: from better performance, improved security and quality through to development of new business ideas. New methods also pave the way for more efficient creation of business processes and development of new services.

Choose your individual workshop: Here we show you specifically which strategies and possibilities exist to modernise your software. Tailored specifically to your situation and business needs, we present you with a recommended implementation at the end of each workshop.

Workshops Software Modernisation

Software modernisation: With the right strategy into the future

Software modernisation promises enormous potential: from increasing performance, improving security and quality to developing new business ideas.

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Workshop 1: Transition to modern technologies

Your application is based on an outdated technology stack. So how does the transition to new and modern technologies operate and which procedure models are available? And which are suitable when?

  • Structured analysis of the existing architecture and risks
  • Definition of the target architecture, prioritisation of individual modules
  • Modernisation (decoupling, redevelopment, optimisation, automation, replacement)
  • Transition (big bang, phased or hybrid solution)
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Software Modernisierung_User Experience 2

Workshop 2: Improving the user experience

Users today expect intuitive user guidance. We show you how you can design your application so that user productivity and satisfaction are significantly improved.

  • The latest findings and expertise on cognition and working environment
  • Analysis of usage context and operating concept of your software
  • Identification of processes that currently impact usability in a negative way and prioritisation of corresponding measures based on your requirements and needs
  • Development of solution ideas to gradually improve usability and the user experience

Workshop 3: Shortening time to market

Are you already using agile methods but still only have a few software releases each year? We show you how you can achieve much faster releases using modern development methods.

  • Introduction to methods for accelerating time to market, such as continuous delivery and DevOps
  • Structured analysis of your current situation and assessment of which factors negatively impact your time to market at present
  • Prioritisation of identified aspects in accordance with your requirements and needs
  • Elaboration of suggestions for improvement and outline of a specific implementation plan
Software Modernisierung_Time to Market
Software Modernisierung Quality

Workshop 4: 100 times better quality

Does your software have too many errors? Get to know 100 tips that you can use directly to improve the quality of your software.

  • Overview of topics that impact quality; presentation of the different aspects of product quality and service quality
  • Journey of discovery on the quality map: mindset, communication, lean process, product discovery, team composition & collaboration, product production und product release
  • Identification and prioritisation of the topics that are most important for you with practical implementation examples

Workshop 5: 11 Enhancement without limits

Is your software architecture reaching its limits and can only be modified and enhanced with major cost and effort? Are you increasingly losing speed and flexibility in development?

  • Introduction to the development of an evolutionary architecture (technologies and domains)
  • Structured analysis of your current situation in relation to technologies and domains
  • Identification of points that stand in the way of evolutionary architecture and prioritisation in accordance with your requirements and needs
  • Elaboration of implementation proposals and outline of the next steps
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