bbv developed an application for crime prevention and investigation, which compares car number plates and wanted lists using video cameras. Since it first developed the application more than ten years ago, bbv has reliably supported the Swiss Competence Centre “Polizeitechnik und Informatik PTI” in supporting and enhancing it.

Reliable video monitoring of transit traffic is especially important for the Swiss Police for searching for wanted vehicles. It is ten years since bbv first developed an application for automatically tracing wanted vehicles and monitoring traffic for the Swiss Competence Centre “Polizeitechnik und Informatik PTI” and it has continued to enhance it ever since. It supports both mobile use and use in central applications.

The Swiss Police greatly values the attention bbv paid to data security when developing the application and how it chose a modern, flexible and easily extensible architecture. The excellent, longstanding collaboration and outstanding technical support guarantee the reliability and stability of the monitoring.

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