The City of Zurich’s statistics department found that the manual deployment process for the buildings and dwellings register was error-prone and lengthy. Adaptations and changes were therefore rarely made. bbv automated the deployment and thus shortened the time to such an extent that new versions can now be deployed in a matter of minutes.

The register of buildings and dwellings (GWZ) is an application of the City of Zurich’s statistics department, which manages data on buildings, housing and land for the City of Zurich. Versions were loaded manually in the past, a process that was error-prone and time-consuming. Microsoft’s release management tool was to be used to automate deployment.

bbv used the Microsoft tool for different environments (test, integration, production) and divided the deployment according to different components (Windows Service, Web Service, Client). This allowed the process to be shortened from four hours to a few minutes. bbv created guidelines for employees so that they too would be able to deploy a new version with basic technical understanding.

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Industries: Public sector
Publishing year: 2017
Format: Success Story


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