Millions of items are shipped every day. In the process, items can get lost or even stolen. Such losses may only occur in isolated cases, but they cost companies a lot of money and time. ALSO Switzerland faced this challenge and developed Dolly+, a Smart & Secure Trolley that enables secure storage and transport of valuable goods, transparent tracking and optimization of operational processes.

The new Smart & Secure Trolley Dolly+ enables smart transport and storage of goods. The solid trolley is a pay-per-use solution that does not allow any access to the goods from the exterior and provides reliable protection against theft. This is guaranteed by a smart lock that allows only the authorized recipient to access the goods.

The solution developed by bbv is not only applicable for these transport trolleys, it is also suitable for any shipment solution. The focus is on tracking and interaction with various IoT devices such as sensors that measure temperatures or vibrations.


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