Open, flexible and fit for the future: bbv supported mms solutions ag in modernising its publishing systems. The new and attractive solution offers customers of mms solutions a greater choice of services for modern multi-channel communication and is optimally equipped for future enhancements.

mms solutions ag is a specialist in IT and publishing systems and offers tools and systems developed in-house for corporate, financial, marketing and online communication. The existing software solution had reached its limits so bbv helped the customer to rework the software and design it for future developments.

The software was modernised step-by-step using an agile development approach, tested in short cycles and adapted flexibly to changing requirements. The software developers implemented the features using Test Driven Development (TDD) methods, thus ensuring high quality. The new system offers customers the special advantage of being able to design business reports individually, while at the same time benefiting from the efficiency advances in publishing – a critical competitive advantage for mms in the highly competitive market.


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