Entire dedicated teams for your software projects

Our managed teams provide an effective solution to relieve pressure on your organisation and provide you with the expertise and manpower you need, flexibly and at short notice. In this way, you can ensure deadlines and quality and complete your projects successfully, while benefiting from the expertise and experience of your dedicated team.

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bbv Switzerland

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Your Benefits

  • Fast relief: We are able to respond quickly and efficiently to the specific requirements of your project, so that the burden on your organisation is quickly and noticeably reduced.
  • Effective manpower: Experts from the entire bbv pool are at your disposal to optimally staff your dedicated team, even at short notice. Thanks to our specialists at our locations in Greece and Vietnam, we also have flexible options for international offshore teams.
  • Specific expertise: We support you with highly qualified experts who have proven experience in the technologies, methods and tools relevant to you.
  • Flexible teams: We quickly adapt the size and skillset of your team as required. This enables a high level of responsiveness to change, whether due to changing requirements, new technologies or unexpected challenges.
  • Tailored collaboration: We work with you to define the right collaboration model based on your specific needs and our experience.
Daniel Mayer, Head of Technology, Member of Management, René Koch AG

bbv was able to transform our requirements quickly into high-quality software. We are really impressed by the excellent cooperation and the high quality of the software.

Our Services

We work with you to put together a dedicated team that is precisely tailored to your individual requirements in terms of size and skills.

bbv’s experts cover a wide range of roles, technologies, methodologies and tools to provide flexible and effective support at every stage of your software project.

Our managed teams work exclusively for you on a permanent or project basis, taking responsibility for a specific component, a product or a complete end-to-end solution, according to your needs.

Managed offshore teams

With qualified specialists based in Greece and Vietnam, we offer flexible options for international offshore teams to support you from strategy development through to successful implementation and maintenance of your software solution.

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Are you looking for a flexible way to add manpower and expertise to your business?

Our managed teams provide an effective solution. Book a free consultation now!

    FAQ on Managed Teams

    A key element of this service is our ability to deliver managed teams efficiently. We aim to deliver managed teams within a few days. However, actual delivery times may vary depending on the specific requirements of your project and the availability of our experts. We are flexible with our resources and can start with part-time workloads to ensure seamless integration and a quick start.

    Yes, our managed teams are flexible and scalable to meet the dynamic requirements of modern software projects. Experts from the entire bbv pool are also available at short notice. We offer you the ability to quickly adapt team size and skills to project requirements. This enables us to be highly responsive to change, whether it is due to changing business requirements, new technologies or unexpected challenges.

    Our managed teams are familiar with a wide range of technologies, methodologies and tools. This breadth of expertise allows us to take responsibility for a specific component, product or complete end-to-end solution.

    Either way, you get a bespoke service tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

    Our managed teams can cover a wide range of roles, including software developers, project managers, business analysts, software architects, IT consultants, UX designers, requirements engineers, quality assurance experts, DevOps engineers and more.

    Depending on your needs, we can quickly adjust the size and skills of your team to respond to changing requirements or unexpected challenges.

    Working with our dedicated managed teams starts with a detailed kick-off meeting to ensure everyone is focused on the same goal. This is followed by the onboarding of the core team, which focuses on initial sprints to deliver results quickly – often within two weeks. The capacity of the team is flexible and can be adjusted as the project progresses and requirements change. Regular status updates, meetings and reviews keep you up to date and ensure transparent and effective collaboration.

    Whether you prefer the flexibility of Agile and Scrum, the structure of Waterfall, the efficiency of Kanban, the principles of Lean, the scalability of SAFe or other methods, we adapt our way of working to suit your needs.

    You can choose to work with our teams on your premises, at our offices or at our offshore locations.

    This combination of methodological diversity and geographical flexibility ensures that our managed teams fit seamlessly into your projects and processes to achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.

    Project ownership remains in your hands when you work with our managed teams. Our role is to provide you with dedicated experts to help you set realistic milestones and achieve them efficiently. This type of partnership allows you to remain in control while benefiting from our comprehensive software development, project planning or project management support.

    We have qualified specialists in Ho-Chi-Minh-City (Vietnam) and Thessaloniki (Greece). Our experts work according to the clearly defined bbv cultural principles and have many years of experience in software projects with high quality standards.

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