To the insurance industry, digitalisation means utilising the strengths of new technologies as it gears up for a successful and more dynamic future.

A new age is dawning for the insurance industry: Customers are increasingly expecting and demanding faster response times and digital offers. At the same time, digital insurers and ecosystems are fuelling the complexity of the competitive environment. Together with falling interest rates, this makes it more difficult to achieve sustainable and profitable growth.

Opportunities with digitalisation

Digitalisation offers a myriad of opportunities in this respect in the same way as re-organisation along customer journeys in order to increase touchpoints through portals and apps and thus enhance customer retention. Using classic software engineering, AI, cloud and other new technologies, we can help you to strengthen your core business, develop a positive customer experience and modified business models and successfully enter into new markets.


Christof Oberholzer

Business Area Manager

bbv Switzerland

+41 41 429 01 46

Innovation workshops

From idea to business case. The innovation workshops provide a forum for us to develop business ideas with you relating to technological and methodological trend topics.

Innovation Workshops

Data analysis with machine learning for decision-makers

Valuable insights as a basis for sound decisions: bbv collaborated with ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz AG to develop a new, scalable and forward-looking analysis system that allows customers to filter out important trends and insights from comprehensive media evaluations using machine learning techniques.

Success Story
Markus Grob, Chief Analytics Officer (CAO), Member of the Executive Board of ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz AG

bbv guided us really efficiently to the cloud and gave us great support in setting up. Our team benefited enormously from bbv’s knowledgeable experts.

Poster on the topic of user-centered design

Focusing product development as a whole on end users is the basic motto of user-centered design. The DIN A2 poster of the same name explains the most important principles, illustrates the cycle of request, solution and evaluation and lists the various advantages this process offers. A poster for every product owner and project manager.


Booklet: Usability, user experience and user-centred design

Users of computers and mobile devices today expect them to be simple, clear and comprehensible to use. They have to be designed with the user in mind and correspond to established and familiar operating concepts. This approx. 70-page booklet explains bbv’s approach to developing products, which are effortless to use and gain the approval of users.

Software Development Quality Map

Software Development Quality Map

The map covers more than 80 topics in relation to software quality, arranged figuratively in eight countries. Readers can follow the orange route or explore the countries under their own steam.

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Data, data, data! The secret to successful use of AI in your SME
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Data, data, data! The secret to successful use of AI in your SME

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